Welcome to Planet Freddo, the creation of Sausalito artist Fred Doar. 

The inaugural Planet Freddo collection hits Macy’s and Kohl’s online stores in April, 2014, with their bright, colorful and abstract prints.

Developed by Sausalito artist Fred Doar, Planet Freddo incorporates some of San Francisco Bay’s penchant for psychedelic colors and out of the box thinking. Planet Freddo ties all begin with an exciting, intriguing, “Freddo” painting. The painting is photographed and then recreated on the silk tie. The end result is a stunning work of art that brings a new, crisp energy to any man's wardrobe.   

Each Planet Freddo tie purchased also helps people on planet earth. Each Planet Freddo purchase directly benefits The Ama Foundation. The Ama Foundation is a grassroots US-based 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing the most underprivileged children of Nepal with a loving home, education, and to live healthy and secure lives within their community.

About Planet Freddo:
Mr. Doar began painting in 2003.  He displays his abstract artworks at selected open studios and shows, most recently in 2013 in Mill Valley, California

Beginning in 2011, Mr. Doar formed Planet Freddo and began making men's
ties , scarves, and shirts  from his paintings. 

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